Thank you for considering Mol Orthodontics for your orthodontic needs.  We know that you have many excellent providers to choose from.  

We strive to deliver expert orthodontic care using the most advanced technology, methods, and materials, while ensuring that all your visits are comfortable and pleasant.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your treatment process and result.

To make a new patient exam appointment, please call us or email us from the contact page.  We have two locations to serve you.  



Initial Clinical Exam

At the initial consultation, our doctors will review the dental and medical records provided by you and your referring doctor to perform a preliminary clinical examination. We will evaluate the alignment of the teeth and jaw structures. If orthodontic treatment is indicated, the doctors will explain the concerns, treatment options, anticipated treatment time, and fees.



Diagnostic Records

Once the need for treatment has been determined, a diagnostic records appointment will take place. At this appointment we will obtain digital study casts, photographs, and radiographs.  The doctors will analyze these records to provide a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan.



Case Presentation

At this visit, findings from the diagnostic records, specific orthodontic problems, viable treatment options, and a detailed treatment plan are presented. Treatment sequence, financial arrangements, and patient responsibilities for successful orthodontic treatment will be discussed. We will also answer all your questions about the treatment to ensure the best outcome for your unique circumstances.